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" Kaile Warren knows how to satisfy a woman. "
---People magazine

Kaile R. Warren, JR., is a native of Portland, Maine, and a former contractor who founded Rent-A-Husband in 1996. An instant success, Warren and his business have attracted the attention of the national media and have been profiled in People, Good Housekeeping, the Washington Post, and on The Today Show and The Oprah Winfrey Show. Rent-A-Husband is now franchising across the United States, and Warren is the resident home improvement expert on the CBS Saturday Early Show. He lives in Portland.

Since 1996, Kaile Warren, Jr.'s phenomenally successful handyman business, Rent-A-Husband®, has dispatched a fleet of reliable, efficient, and sensitive "surrogate spouses" to take care of all those pressing but largely neglected problems in the home-from failing plumbing to leaky roofs, buckled floors to peeling walls, faulty sockets to sparking plugs.

And now, for every woman who has ever thought she had a screw loose or her wires crossed (and even some men), there is The Official Rent-A-Husband® Guide to a Safe, Problem-Free Home. In chapters laced with amusing anecdotes taken from real-life Rent-A-Husband® experiences, Kaile deals with everyday repairs to plumbing, electricity, walls, and floors; creating and building storage; diffusing potential household dangers; and providing practical solutions for handling domestic chores. He even lets you know when it's time to call in a professional, how to choose a reliable contractor, and how to be sure he or she is doing the job right! Kaile's pragmatic solutions will not only fix problems with the greatest of ease but will potentially save the reader thousands of dollars as well.

Publisher: Broadway Books
A division of Random House, Inc.
Co-Author Jane MacLean Craig

In Association with Amazon.comRelease Date: February 20, 2001

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